Friday, December 23, 2011


IDYDC is a local non-governmental organization , founded in 1991, operating in all seven districts of Iringa region , which are Iringa Urban, Iringa Rural, Kilolo, Ludewa, Makete, Mufindi and Njombe with its headquarter in Iringa Municipality.
IDYDC was registered in 1994 as a registered membership organization with its main focus on children in need, e.g. MVCs and OVCs, school drop-outs and child laborers, with the aim of giving them a brighter future by enhancing the children's possibilities of education.
IDYDC OVC program was the first program to be introduced. The program has already assisted more than 20,000 children since its establishment in 1994 through different projects and activities undertaken. Most of them are currently depend on themselves and help their parents while other hundreds of children are still at our centre

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