Friday, December 23, 2011

OVC PROGRAMME(Orphan and Vulnerable Children)

IDYDC under OVC and MVC program is supporting children materially and non- materially. Among many activities performed by IDYDC under the said program include the following;-
OVC program accommodate 288 children in needy in four Iringa's districts namely; Makete, Iringa urban, Kilolo and Ludewa
Basic needs such as food, shelter, water, cloth,school facilities and medical services are provided freely to vulnerable children and young person in its four centres
Vulnerable children, young person and youth are supported intellectually. IDYDC has been paying school fees and provide all important school amenities for all primary and secondary school children while others are trained in vocation skills and knowledge.
IDYDC also providing psycho-social support to children in needy. Guidance and counseling are the basic psychological support given to kids. Nevertheless, re-unification approach is more useful in reducing street children problem.
Under OVC program, IDYDC is withdrawing children from town streets. The program is performed collaboratively with village Executive Secretaries [VEO's].
Finally, under OVC program, IDYDC has supported more than 21,500 orphans and vulnerable children in all seven districts of Iringa since its establishment. 

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